The Anambra State Ministry of Basic Education has closed down 12 private schools for misconduct. It is regrettable that these schools engage in examination malpractices, otherwise known as Miracle Centres, lack the right requisites for conducive teaching and learning; such requirement as facilities and qualified teachers, and likewise indulge in other forms of malpractices and immoralities which this present administration has zero tolerance for.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that credible, quality and value based education is achieved in the state.

Below are the under listed schools:

1. Higher Achiever Secondary School, Uli Uli Nnewi Zone
2 Starlight Secondary School, Ogbunike Ogbunike Ogidi Zone
3. Bilingual Secondary School, Abagana Abagana Awka Zone
4 Spencer Secondary School, Uli Uli Nnewi Zone
5 City High School, Ozubulu Ozubulu Nnewi Zone
6 Dominion Comprehensive Secondary School, Obosi Ogidi Zone
7 Keep Looking to Jesus Comp. Sec. Sch., Nnewi Nnewi Nnewi Zone
8 Azia Comprehensive Sec. School, Azia Azia Nnewi Zone
9 Summit Comprehensive College, Obosi Obosi Ogidi Zone
10 Redemption Model Sec. School, Awada- Obosi Awada – Obosi Ogidi Zone
11 Jonjay Comprehensive Sec. School, Ihiala Ihiala Nnewi Zone
12 Jubilee Secondary School, Ihiala Ihiala Nnewi Zone

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