As the world continues to battle the pandemic of coronavirus, Anambra State has been receiving commendations from different parts of the world over the  Anambra teaching-on-Air initiative.

Recently, former Minister of Aviation Osita Chidoka(Ike Obosi) – a minister during President Goodluck Jonathan’s government posted this commendation about Anambra Teaching on Air on his Facebook page. “This is a good initiative by the Anambra broadcasting service and the state government. Post Covid this may be an export from Anambra to the perpetually educationally disadvantaged states to help leverage on anambra teachers via radio, whatsapp, Facebook and television for their students. They can invest on learning centers or rebuild their schools to have Battery powered radios and solar powered TV sets for real time and recorded education. In ten years they will exit the educational disadvantaged state position leveraging the teachers of educationally advanced states (Not Advantaged)”.

Truly, Anambra State is the Light of the Nation and we will continue to set standards.

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