When Chief Dr Willie Obiano took over the mantle of leadership as the Governor of Anambra state, he had a clear vision about how he wants to drive the Education Sector. To him, Education is a key enabler that would not just help to drive the four pillars (Agriculture, Trade and Commerce, Oil and Gas, Industrialization) but is equally a prop upon which the pillars would stand. The stronger therefore that Education is as an enabler, the stronger would the pillars be. He therefore in his blueprint developed the strategic objectives of education in Anambra state. One of the key strategic objectives is “to ensure that the learning needs of all are met through equitable distribution of resources, learning of life long skills and ensuring that we are one of the three top states with the lowest illiteracy rate”.


This strategic objective makes clear the mandate His Excellency has given to the Ministry of Education, the way he wants education to be driven in the state. One, is that education must ensure that “no child is to be left behind”, a policy that has led to improving the welfare of the physically challenged and the reaching out to the hard to reach areas as well as the focus on the girl child education. Two, Education must be entrepreneurship-driven and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Anambra people. The inroads made in the technical and vocational education and the revamping of our technical colleges are testimonies. Three, Education must aim towards liberating our people from the shackle of illiteracy. Quality education therefore is prime to Willie Obiano administration.  It is not a surprise therefore, the spirited and aggressive fight against examination malpractices as well as the refocus on non-formal and adult education.

For Chief Dr Willie Obiano, education is approached from three-pronged areas – infrastructure, teachers’ welfare and students’/pupils’ welfare.

The various programmes that have been designed to build the confidence of umuakwukwo Ndi Anambra have actually started to yield some fruits. Today we can beat our chest and say that we are meeting global competitiveness. It is a sheer indication that all the investments that Chief Dr Willie Obiano is making in education are not in vain.

There is still much work to do, we agree, but Akpukuedike and his team are not afraid of work as Willie is already willingly working.  As we forge ahead, we are encouraged by our mantras: “do more with less”, “nothing is impossible”, “We do not accept failure”, and “Yes we can”.

It is on this note that we welcome our visitors to our website.

God bless Anambra.

 Prof. Kate AzukaOmenugha

Hon Commissioner for Education